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COVID-19 Response: In response to the economic impacts of COVID-19, we have ELIMINATED our 2020 fee increase, REDUCED prices to 2019 rates, and DISCOUNTED packages for union members, non-union first responders, medical and educational personnel, retired persons, former or current military, and people experiencing a wage loss/reduction.

Packages and Prices

We offer multiple options because each divorce is different.

Fixed fee packages provide comprehensive divorce resolution starting at $1575 per spouse. Ask about discounts if you are a union member, medical or educational personnel, retired, current/former military, or experiencing hardship due to Coronavirus. ​

Not sure which is right for you? Schedule a FREE consultation to learn about your options.
  • All of our packages include attorney-prepared legal documents, unlimited communication with your mediator, complimentary drop-in sessions, and a friendly attitude.
  • With fixed-fee packages, you know the cost of your divorce up front, avoiding the stress of escalating legal fees.

Fees are paid in installments, and you can use a credit card.

  • We are absolutely confident that you’ll find exceptional value in knowing all aspects of your divorce are personally handled by a highly-experienced, responsive and professional attorney-mediator. Divorce help has never been so easy.
  • All pricing is per person (PP)

Our proprietary divorce solutions:

Divorce Mediation Packages:

Divorce Mediation packages provide full support over multiple sessions at a fixed cost. Our clients choose Divorce Mediation when they have complex matters, long marriages, own businesses, or difficulty communicating when they need time between sessions to consider agreements or wish to utilize an expert co-mediator for assistance with financial matters or parenting arrangements.

Divorce Mediation: $2375 per spouse (base price)

*per person

Our proprietary Divorce in a Day mediation provides a highly supported and structured process for couples seeking the support of a traditional mediation package but also time and cost-efficiency. Spouses complete a short preparation packet, then meet for a mediation session thoughtfully designed to provide a full understanding of all aspects of the divorce before reaching agreements. Within ten days, our clients have a formal agreement to review before we file all documents to resolve the divorce.

Divorce in a Day: $1875 per spouse

*per person

For spouses who have already reached agreements, or think they can reach agreements for an uncontested divorce with a guidance packet provided by the mediator, the DIY Divorce provides the most economical method for an uncontested divorce to ensure that all of the procedural aspects of the divorce are properly handled, all agreements are enforceable, and nothing is overlooked. After spouses complete a preparation packet, they attend one mediation session to confirm all agreements, resolve conflicts, and handle any complexities.

DIY Divorce:  $1575 per spouse

*per person

For spouses who have reached a full agreement with the assistance of one of our approved professional non-attorney mediators and can go forward with an uncontested divorce. These professionals can assist spouses in reaching an agreement, but most are prohibited by law from drawing up legal documents. We will ensure that the legal aspects of the uncontested divorce are properly documented and processed with an expedited package to review agreements, complete and file all required legal documentation, and address legal concerns.

Document Only Divorce: beginning at $1375 per spouse

*per person

Free and reduced price packages temporarily offered to community members impacted by court closures:
• Modifying a current court order for custody or support: sliding scale from $0 to $150​
• Mediation session to modify current court order: one hour online mediation session, plus format and file your updated court order: sliding scale from $350 to $750​
• For matters set for hearing that have been continued by the court, but parties have reached an agreement, format and file agreement: sliding scale from free to $150​
• Mediation session to help reach agreement on a matter set for hearing and continued by the court: one hour online mediation session (one issue), or two hour session (two issues) plus format and file your updated court order: sliding scale from $350 to $500 (one issue) or $500 to $750 (two issues)​
• Mediation session in lieu of Mandatory Settlement Conference (2-hour mediated settlement conference, plus preparation and written follow up): sliding scale from $500 to $750 ​
• Draft, format and file your Judgment and Martial Settlement Agreement: sliding scale from $750 to $2150

In California, there are many reasons to choose uncontested divorce. Avoiding court keeps you in control of your uncontested divorce process. Your privacy is protected, and your children do not have to be interviewed by courthouse social workers.

Cost Involved:
Uncontested divorce also costs significantly less than a courtroom divorce – the “average” cost of a courtroom divorce in California is ten times higher than our average fee!

Privacy Afforded:
Another benefit of uncontested divorce is the privacy it affords. In our clients’ tight-knit communities, like Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Granite Bay, Roseville, Sacramento, and Fair Oaks, families like to know that the details of their finances, parenting, and relationship are protected from disclosure.

Time Efficient:
Our uncontested divorce process is also very time-efficient, with clients concluding the process in as few as 3 weeks. But, if your uncontested divorce takes longer, our fixed-fee packages mean that you do not pay any extra.

Relationships with Loved Ones:
One last benefit of uncontested divorce? Mediation has been shown to result in closer, more stable relationships between parents and children, and between co-parents, up to twelve years after working with a divorce mediator.

Whether your goal is a quick uncontested divorce, saving money, retaining privacy and control, or keeping your children stable, both now and in the future, working with our divorce mediator on an uncontested divorce can help. You can find us in Folsom/El Dorado Hills, Rocklin/Roseville, and Petaluma. Plus, we mediate via Zoom with clients in every county in Northern California and Southern California! Book a consultation today to see if Divorceably is a good fit for you.

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