Referrals and Resources

Certified Divorce Financial Analysts

Russel Phelps

Leah Schug

Kathleen Faulkner CDFA, Collaborative Professional

Child Specialists & Co-Parenting Professionals

Timothy Rood

Deni Deutch Marshall

Affordable legal document preparation:

Professional certified attorney mediators:

Dirk Amara

Lauren Craig

James Gwinup

Chandra Miller

Pamela Roberts

Lana Sheerer

Michelle Stowell

Family Law Litigation Attorneys (for court matters)

James Gwinup

Chandra Miller

Forester Purcell Stowell

Counselors for adults & children:

Infant Parent Center (for children 0 to 5)

Kristi Parker, El Dorado Hills (adoloscents, tweens and teens)

Samantha Hudson Geiger (adults seeking a holistic spiritual approach)

Lisa Larson (adults)

Mortgage Planning During & After Divorce

Mortgage Planning During & After Divorce:

Bill Wolfe

Lisa Parks Ferro

Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning:

David Morris, Certified Estate Planning Specialist

Kristin Caprito, certified attorney mediator

Complex financials & business valuation

Dawn Cornelius

Kenny Pierce

Christopher Whitaker

QDRO preparation:

Pat Keegan

Pamela Roberts

Moon Schwartz Madden

Our Favorite Resources

Helping children through divorce

Helping yourself through divorce (Work-life balance)

Developmentally appropriate parenting plans

Robert Emery

Orange county courts

Deciding whether to divorce

Taking Space: How to Use Separation to Explore the Future of Your Relationship

Checking an attorney-mediator’s education and disciplinary history

Other helpful professionals & resources*

*The following professionals have shown a commitment to the field of cooperative divorce, the highest level of professionalism and/or are the people we’ve trusted with our own divorce needs. Even though we recommend these professionals generally, we can’t guarantee a specific professional is right for you. Please ensure that you vet your professionals carefully and note that you take responsibility for your own hiring decisions. 

Obtaining citizenship through court decision

Obtaining citizenship through court decision

Citizenship in most cases relates to membership of the nation state, but the term can also apply at the subnational level. Subnational entities may impose requirements, of residency or otherwise, which permit citizens to participate in the political life of that...

What are the conditions for parole

What are the conditions for parole

If judges feel that detainees have turned and can integrate into society, detainees who meet certain legal conditions can get out of prison even with more than two years remaining to be executed. The main condition is the execution of a minimum of punishment, which...