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Why Choose Us

Our cooperative divorce solutions are uniquely tailored to be the most affordable, efficient, positive and productive option in today’s market. By challenging the standard, lawyerly approach, we built a practice from the ground up designed at every level to support successful out-of-court resolution. Our attorney-mediators do not represent clients in court; we are singularly focused on bringing the best cooperative options to reasonable people like you.




Our variety of fixed-fee options allow for a range of solutions tailored to your unique needs while keeping fees from escalating out of your control. You’re never charged to ask questions, take breaks, schedule drop in meetings, or revise documents.

We work with the best non-attorney professionals in the cooperative divorce field, providing opportunities to minimize taxes, create developmentally-appropriate parenting plans, and engage in post-divorce budgeting and retirement planning.

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5 CRUCIAL questions to ask a mediator:

1. Are you a certified mediator with at least 40 hours’ training?

There are literally no requirements to be a mediator in California. Ensure your mediator is certified (and, for good measure, insured!).

2. Are you an attorney?

Divorce is a lawsuit, even if we don’t think of it that way. While non-attorneys can be mediators, only lawyers have the familiarity with the legal system that is needed to guide clients through the legal and procedural aspects of the divorce. Thinking of using a non-attorney mediator?

3. How many hours have you spent on mediated matters?

Since many family law attorneys mediate very rarely, asking how long they’ve been mediating is the wrong question. Ask how often. Look for a professional with at least two thousand hours’ work on mediated matters. This shows experience, and also dedication.

4. How much will mediation cost?

Most family lawyers charge a retainer and bill clients hourly. Like a tank of gas, the retainer needs to be refilled, so it’s important to ask the mediator what the total cost of your mediation will be. A well-experience mediator should be confident enough to put their cost estimate in writing. If you are working with a fixed-fee mediator, look for a range of fixed-fee options. There is no one-size-fits all price for mediation since every matter is different.

5. How do I know whether mediation will work for me?

Professional mediators carefully screen clients for readiness before getting started. Be extremely wary of mediators who agree to take your matter without meeting you and your spouse, or who charge large fees for your first consultation. These are indicators mediators are not screening properly. You deserve to know whether mediation is likely to be successful before you invest time and money.